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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rod and Reels

Determine what fish and the size of the fish you will be targeting and pick the rods and reel to use.
So we will be fishing tuna that weight from 25 to 60lb. I remember the days when I wounld take up to 7 rods to cover all the different lines but with todays braided line as backing on the reels you can just change the top shot I to have from 15lb. to 60lb. mono on any of the rod and reels. Now I'm down to 4 rods and reels: a Penn Torque 100 for 15 to 30lb. mono, 2-Torque 200 for 25 to 50lb. mono and a Torque 300 for 40 to 60lb. mono and all reels with 65lb. braided lind backing. Rods are Dan Hernandez signature rods of models 1-870 and 3-670.


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