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Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Outrider Fishing report

Very nice flat calm waters all day at San Clemente Isl. With a tank full of sardines and the other full of live squid we fished the front side of the isl. along tight to the kelp and with the squid on a 1oz. bucktail we started catching nice calico's. Soon the first legal white sea bass came to gaff. The calico was excellent on quality bass to 6lbs. thought the day. The morning bite was on the squid and the afternoon bite did better with the sardines and a 1/2oz. sliding sinker. As the calico's were wide open we would get a seabass seems like once a hour. We ended with 3 seabass and a few lost to the weeds or just came unbuttoned. Also coming to gaff was a lone yellowtail. Thanks to captain Jeff and Dave for driving us around and cook Odie who makes a mean breakfast burrito with gravy and deck Manny for rigging the gear and getting us out of weed snags.

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