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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Report From the Indian - Tuna

Hey gang we rolled Southwest 75 miles to start this 1-1/2 day open party trip and we did find good signal in the morning as we hit our first spot of breezers for 2 Bluefin Tuna and ran on a second spot in clean 67 degree water where we hooked one Bluefin and landed it then we were just getting ready to move and hooked another Bluefin and it was soaking as we got flashed by the Albacore and landed 3 in the 25lb range.We rolled another 15 miles South and ended up in 69 degree off color water for the rest of the day and did land 2 more fish with the biggest weighing in at 77 pounds WOW!
The anglers name was Mark Dandoy and he did a great job of working this fish on 30lb test line and a Torium 2/0 , it took 25 minuites and he was just about done as this fish took to dives under the bow at color but he pulled it off and landeed this monster we saw spot after spot of Shiners or what I would call ripplres these fish where just pushing thier noses out of the water acting very boat shy and made for a tough afternoon.
Lots of fish in this area but thats not next months fish (trust me on this one) Anyway The Indain has a 1-1/2 day open party trip scheduled forJuly 16th and 17 th for only @285.00 and that includes all you meals, snackks and permits. I f you woul like to jump on one of our open party trips give Chris a call at (619) 523-8832

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